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Welcome! to all Saskatchewan people who share a interest and a passion in defending and promoting human rights at home and around the world. This is your connection to Amnesty International in Saskatchewan; a gateway to groups, activists and events right here in the province. Whether you’re an individual or a group member, live in an urban or rural area, we’ve got the resources to help you start and continue important human rights work!

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Click here to subscribe to our provincial newsletter!

8 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi, I am wondering if we can start something and push to make it illegal to throw away food. It would make a major differnce in so many peoples lives in Canada. I am in saskatoon.


    1. Hi Krystal… thanks for your question about a very important concern, while this isn’t a project or campaign Amnesty International is involved in you might be able to find some friends who are interested in working on this – as a suggestion it maybe that a local project that addresses how to use food rather than throwing it away would be a good way to start.


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