The Saskatchewan Human Rights Blog

Welcome to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Blog!!! This is an opportunity for friends to share about human rights in Saskatchewan – and around the world.

You can contribute ~ by sharing about an upcoming event, a book or movie review, or an author interview, or share about people who are doing interesting and / or challenging human rights work, or art galleries and artists who have exhibits with a human rights theme, or communities and organizations who are doing creative work to advance reconciliation, human rights, gender rights and equality, support refugees or contribute to climate justice. Use these ideas to raise important questions and issues.

We welcome your contributions. Amnesty International is a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights. We are politically independent and work on a very wide range of issues – you can find out more here. More information about Amnesty International’s values and mission are here.

We would like to use this space for creating conversations about building community and human rights in Saskatchewan. Contact us at with your ideas and questions!!!

Please note the views expressed in these blog posts may not reflect Amnesty International’s position.

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