November 7 to 21: (ONLINE) ~ Sparking Connections: Strengthening Grassroots Community for Human rights.

 November 7 to 21:   

Activists from the grassroots of Amnesty International Canada (English Speaking) are delighted to announce our first ever virtual, nation-wide human rights conference!

Be sure to check on how you can get involved and also the updates to this event here

And Be sure to register in advance here  


Image description: A black background with white and yellow text that reads “Save the date, November 7-21, 2020. Sparking Connections, Strengthening Grassroots Community for Human Rights. An Amnesty Canada (English Speaking) virtual human rights conference, by the grassroots for the grassroots. Registration open!”. There is a small white Amnesty candle logo in the bottom right corner. The left of the image features a banner with a pattern of layered chevrons in orange, yellow, and red, made to look like many small flames. 

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