March 6: Webinar – Orientation for New activists and volunteers

Are you new to Amnesty International, or just need to update your knowledge of our priority campaigns and actions? Then register now for this free Amnesty Activism 101 webinar. You’ll learn about the very beginnings of Amnesty International, hear what we’ve been working on over the years, and discover what’s coming up in the months ahead. What do organizers do? How do I a join or start an Amnesty group at my school or in my community? How do I qualify to train as a Fieldworker? Is it still important to write letters and sign petitions? What should I work on this spring? All will be revealed, and in just one exciting hour of your time!

Amnesty International Canada is offering two webinars on March 6, one at 6pm and another at 8pm Saskatchewan time.

Register for one of these webinars here

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