March 22: Global Cafe – Myanmar Crisis – Voices from the Coup

March 22th at 6:00pm – you are invited to – a special online Global Cafe – Myanmar Crisis – Voices from the Coup.

On Feb. 1 the Myanmar military unconstitutionally took over the country and set in motion a chain of events that have led to thousands being arrests and over 100 deaths. 

This talk aims to shed light on the Myanmar people’s plight as they continue to fight against these unlawful actions. Bringing the voices to you with personal accounts of the current situation, we also ask the question, how can we help?
– Denise Estrella
– Kee Mae Paw
Global Cafe is a project of the Usask Global Studies Certificate, Department of Political Studies. This event enjoys the partnership of Amnesty International and the Saskatoon branch of the Canadian International Council.

Please be sure to register in advance here

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