April 19 and 26 – Youth Take Charge: Advocacy Incubator

April 19 and 26 – Youth Take Charge: Advocacy Incubator

The Youth Take Charge: Advocacy Incubator is a youth-led and supported event for youth designed for youth to gain advocacy skills. Together, you will be learning about campaign strategies, how to build a social movement and pitching your own campaign for change. The winners of the Pitch competition will receive supports to launch their campaign, regardless of your team’s outcome, we hope that you will leverage this training to start your own advocacy campaign!

You can sign up with a school club (Amnesty clubs, environmental clubs, LGBTQIA+ groups, Model UNs), youth advisory council, your class to register as teams, friends or by yourself. If you register as an individual, we will match you with a group of other young Canadians who have similar interests as you.

Be sure to register in advance here

Presented by Children First Canada in collaboration with Amnesty International, Lead Now, and Jack.org.

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