Amnesty International Regina – Board member roles and responsibilities

Amnesty International Group 91 Board Member Responsibilities

Amnesty International Group 91 is a group of volunteers who participate in Amnesty’s human rights work. Group 91 is one of many Amnesty International groups across Canada.
Group 91 is governed by a volunteer board. It is possible to be a member of Amnesty Group 91 without being a board member. All members are welcome to attend any board meeting.
Members of Amnesty International Group 91 are not automatically members of Amnesty International Canada. (For details about Amnesty International Canada membership:
Expectations for Board Members:
• Participate in/contribute to the group’s human rights activities. These could include:
o helping organize Amnesty events such as conferences, fundraising events and Write for Rights,
o working with other groups on their events such as the Women’s March and the Pride parade,
o tabling: staffing information tables at public events to discuss Amnesty campaigns, collect signatures on petitions, distribute Amnesty materials
o planning creative actions
• Agree with the mission and vision of Amnesty International (
• Be familiar with Amnesty’s position on various issues (for example: LGBTI rights, refugee rights, death penalty) or know how to locate the information.
• When speaking publicly, convey and share Amnesty’s position.
• Attend all regular monthly meetings. (There are no board meetings in July, August, and December.) If a board member is absent from meetings they are asked to explain why they cannot attend. After 2 missed meetings with no explanation, they will be removed as a board member.
Board Members:
• Are responsible for reviewing financial documents and approving financial decisions.
• Are legally liable for actions and decisions of the board.
The Board:
• Must act in accordance with Saskatchewan’s Non-profit Corporations Act, 1995.
• Strives to make all decisions by consensus.
• Welcomes and encourages member participation at meetings and includes all members in discussion and decision-making.
The Board has the following structure:
• Chair
• Vice-Chair
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Membership Coordinator
• Communications Coordinator
• Member(s)-at-Large
Note that, apart from the Members-at-large, the other board positions have significant additional responsibilities.
The term of a board member is one-year from the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in spring, to the following AGM. The board can choose to add new members between AGMs.

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